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Hello all!

Hello everyone! I am new to livejournal but I have been a lolita for going on 5 years. I noticed that a couple months ago there was a meetup in Helena, and I was wondering if there was going to be another in the near future? I am the only lolita (that I know of) in my area and I would love to meet others!

Hi :3

Well, I don't live in Alabama right now. >.> I live in lame old Indiana. x_x But, I'll be moving there in the summer to go to college! :D I'll be in Mobile, AL.

Um, introductions are okay, right? o.O I'm super-new to LJ. *o* Well, just posting at least. XD

I'm Aimee~ I'm 20 years old and have loved lolita for 6 years now. :3 But sadly, due to poorness, I've got nothing but my own horrid handiwork on second-hand clothing. u.u I'll be getting a job soon, so that will change. X3 And I'll have tons of lovely pictures to share~

I love: Kittens, poetry, old horror films, baking, pressing flowers, singing, going to concerts, and making friends. :3

I just wanted to join so I can maybe make friends before the move~ It'd be nice to half-know someone already ♥

New moderator/maintainer

Hey everyone! I'm the maintainer of the community. I know I've reached out to some of you before and some of you are part of my lolita group on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=365611270978).

Let me know what kind of things you would like to have! I greatly encourage posting of pictures because I think that's one of the best ways to learn and get ideas about how to create outfits.

I know that a group of us are planning on going to Kami-con at UA in Tuscaloosa on Sunday, April 25th. We're bringing a picnic lunch to have outside. Let me know if you're going to come and if you want to bring anything for the picnic!

Dear Girls,

Unfortunately, I have been very busy.

I don't think I am doing such a great job of running the community because I dont have my weekends to sit down and make plans or whatever.

I am looking for a new admin, so If you have time on your hands, message me if you are interested and why.

I want the new girl to able to update and maintain like I have, but even better.

It has been a great (however months it has been) time with the community. I feel like we have reached some people through this community.

If you want to keep in contact with me, my facebook url is: http://www.facebook.com/people/Lauren-Rosemarie-Stephens/100000156382333

new girl ^-^

Hello girls! I'm Robin!
I am super excited I found this group! I have found some awesome lolitas in Huntsville but, I live in Birmingham and I'm moving to the Montgomery area (Pratville) to live with my soon-to-be husband in June!!

I've been in love with sweet lolita fashion since seeing it on the streets of Harajuku in 2004.. but I've only recently started wearing it. I'd love to make some loli friends that live near me.

Also, is anyone going to Kami-con? I won't be able to make it Saturday, but I will be there Sunday (April 25th). ^-^

A meet-up in BHM area

I post this in the main EGL COMMUMITY too... 
I find this cute coffee shop and is going have a meet-up this Thursday at 1 in this shop down in Helena.

It is called La Reunion and I am hoping you can come...(Normally I am in Huntsville but it is spring break so I am in BHM area this whole week)

There are some other girls are going too.

Is there anyone located near Mobile, Alabama? I am located in Pensacola, FL but I really want to have a meet up/sleep over sometime in the future and would like to plan ahead. There are not many lolita's in this part of Florida.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

did not know this existed!

hey y'all! i never really thought to look for an lj community for us lolita here in good ol' alabam, but the thought occurred for me to google it and here it is! i'm kind of jazzed because i just found another lolita through coincidence (my husband and her fiance are friends) and we're doing a meet-up this saturday. i'm also starting a facebook group for the northern alabama lolitas.

if anyone is free in huntsville this saturday, then please comment and i will get you details!

Halloween Meetup?

Any suggestions where and when? :3


Hello! This is where you may post introductions! Please feel free to introduce yourself to us!~