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Hi my name's Maya . I just got into lolita. I'm 14 years old and planning on making my first lolita outfit (wen i get money to buy some fabric) i was hopeing to find some lolita friends here in alabama ( i live in dothan) i hope to make many friends here and wen i successfully make an outfit i hope to be able to post it on here. ^-^~!
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Hey guys, I just wanted to advertise our local (Huntsville) anime club, HAAS. Huntsville Alabama Anime Society. We meet every Saturday at Haven Comics on Slaughter Rd around 6:15-6:30 and runs until almost 10.
I know not all lolitas are into anime, but many are.
We watch all genre of anime there. This Saturday is New Anime Night, so it would be a great night to come for the first time.  We'll be watching what's really new even in Japan.
It is an 18 and up group for insurance reasons.
Please come and visit :) it's a really casual group, but you can dress up if you want. PM me and I'll dress up that night, too!

Meet up in Madison, Alabama :3

You are cordially invited to spend the afternoon strolling through Bridgestreet Town Centre in your lolita finest. This will be followed by the movie viewing of "Tangled." All types of lolitas are invited to attend: sweet, classic, kuro, shiro, wa-loli, qi-loli, punk, ero, EGA, kodona, hime, country, pirate, cosplay... etc. EGL fashion is not mandatory. So if you or friend do not have anything to wear you are more than ...welcome to tag along.

Movie Info:
Rating: PG
Duration: 100 min
Show time: 2:50 PM
Movie admission costs approximately $7.75 per person (discounted prices vary) + 8% tax.

After the movie, everyone will gather at the Chocolate Crocodile for snack on sweets and play Dirty Santa for some early Holiday fun. Participation is not mandatory. If you would like to play, gifts may not exceed $5. So please try to be creative and imaginative.

The Fountain (in front of Monaco Pictures)
Bridgestreet Town Center (http://www.bridgestreethuntsville.com/)
301 The Bridge Street
Huntsville, AL 35806

Date & Time:
Saturday, December fourth, year two thousand and ten, half past two o'clock PM.

Movie admission costs approximately $7.75 per person (discounted prices vary) + 8% tax.
Drink and desserts at Chocolate Crocodile average from $3 to $10.

Please feel free to invite anyone that you think would be interested in attending. =)
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Moving to Huntsville

Hi everyone, I am moving down to the Huntsville area this weekend and was curious if there are any other lolitas close to that area. I'm moving from Kentucky to Alabama. My favorite brands include Innocent World, BTSSB and Meta. I'm fairly active in the community and moderated the Kentucky EGL group. I would love to meet-up or attend a meet for the time being. I will be interested in hosting once settled in. My main objective for now is just getting to know a few others with like interest in the area. =3
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I just moved here!

 Hello Alabama sweeties! My name is Andi, and I just moved from the frigid ice-pit that is Minnesota down to Dothan. I haven't made any new friends of my own down here yet, so do any of you lovelies live near me?

I've been wearing lolita for over 6 years now. My style is mostly sweet, but more in the "old school" hime sort of way rather than in the OTT deco way. My favorite Brand is Baby the Stars Shine Bright, followed by Metamorphose. I love sewing and handmade items. In Minnesota many of the lolitas have their own brands, so I own I lot of handmade and selfmade clothes as well as brand.

Outside of lolita, I play video games (mostly World of Warcraft), raise house rabbits, and cook!
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We are having a meet-up in Birmingham, Sunday July 25th at the Galleria Mall. We will be meeting at 12:30 at Sumo (Japanese restaurant) and will hang out at the mall and possibly go ice skating before eating dinner around 6-6:30 at either Stix, Sumo, or in the mall.

I hope to see y'all there!
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